What's Next at Irish Theatre Players?


Irish Theatre Players One Act Season 2017


Show dates; September 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th (matinee)

Irish Club of WA, Subiaco


"Gymbo Bingo Wings"

Written & Directed by Elizabeth Quigley

Three women's past lives collide in an unconventional exercise class - with unexpected and hilarious results!


"The Loan"

Written & Directed by Noel O’Neill

A gambler hiding out in a Dublin pub learns what it’s like to really lose it all.




"Mary Lambert R.I.P"

Written by Siobhan Wright & Directed by Denice Byrne

They say when we die our whole lives flash before us. 

Mary confronts all the people she knew and tries to work out what life really is about…








Tickets  will be available in mid August; $25/$20 concession/$22.50 ITP Member

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